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Wellbeing & Beauty


Heal & Repair

Balance Restoring Reiki with Tracy

A non-invasive, hands on therapy that deeply relaxes and assists in healing the whole body.

Helps both body and mind whilst restoring balance and harmony.  Reiki is a Japanese wording meaning Universal life force.  Many report that Reiki can give them a feeling of inner peace.

Reiki can provide relief from pain, help promote physical and emotional healing, strengthen and boost the immune system and often increase energy levels, while reducing stress.

£25 (Approximately 45 minutes)
Introductory opening offer of £20


Relax & Unwind

Holistic stress-busting back treatment with Tracey

Reiki is introduced to connect to the muscles, initiate relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. Various Swedish and Hawaiian massage techniques are used working into the muscles of the shoulders and back, assisting in releasing stress and tension. 

Introducing massage with thermal stones to further relax and relieve tension in areas that need it. (Thermal stones are only included in the 40 minute treatment).  We use luxury body oil, ultra-hydrating with essential oils are used during this back treatment.

£22 (30 minutes) Introductory opening offer £16 £26 (40 minutes) Introductory opening offer £20

"Just as the water reflects the stars and the moon, the body reflects the mind and the soul"


Starter Treatments

One or Two Course Treatment Menu

Luxury Spa Facial

Luxury hand massage

Face, neck and scalp massage

Mini natural lift facial rejuvenation

Express Holistic back treatment

Reflexology foot massage


All 15 mins
1 course £8.50
2 courses £17.00

Facial Rejuvenation

Natural lift facial rejuvenation treatment with Tracey

Cleanse and tone with the highest quality Skin care range and use of hot towels. Then followed by a special combination of Japanese and Indian massage techniques, acupressure and facial reflexology points used on the face, neck, shoulders and scalp.

This special blend of massage techniques and deeply hydrating, luxury skin care products are indulgent and soothing for all skin types. A natural workout is performed on the muscles of the face and neck.

A deeply calming treatment: reducing wrinkles, lines and helping to improve skin suppleness. This facial benefits the complexion, helps remove toxins, relieving stress symptoms, headaches, sinus conditions, fatigue and sleep disorders. It assists in balancing emotions and Ki or Life force assisting in improving overall health.

Completed with Reiki
£25.00 (Approximately 35 minutes) Introductory opening offer £20.00
£30.00 (Approximately 50 minutes) Introductory opening offer £25.00

Hand Treatment

Luxury Therapeutic Hand Treatment with Reiki

Exfoliation of the hands with high quality hand smooth; a revitalising polish and a delicious hand scrub to smooth away dead skin cells. Hand smooth polish is removed with warm towels then therapeutic massage to all areas of hands and wrists.

Reflexology points are worked on to promote relaxation. A luxurious, intensive hand mask is applied to hands and wrapped in warm towels whilst Reiki is given to areas of the neck and shoulders.

£14 (Approximately 30 minutes) Introductory offer £10

Shine For You Nails and Beauty

Sculptured nails are done with forms and acrylic. No tips are required; therefore, no glue is applied to nails.

Acrylic sculptured with Gel colour of your choice, top coat
£32 Introductory offer £25

Acrylic sculptured with choice of different tips: white, glitter or coloured with top coat.
£30 opening offer £20

Manicure with choice of Gel colour and with top coat.
£15 Introductory offer £10

Backfill of sculptured nails with choice of Gel colour £20
Soak off Sculptured nails £15
Repair of Sculptured nail £4
Removal of Gel colour £10
Nail art per sculptured nail £1.50

*Celebrity Brows
(Glue and tint test required 24 hours prior)
Celebrity Brows including a wax, tint, tidy and finish off with powder and wax seal £15
*Brow wax £6.00
*Brow tint £7.50

Lash Treatments
(Glue and tint test required 24 hours prior)

Full set £40.00 opening offer £30
Half set £20.00 opening offer £17.50
Lash tint £7.50

Hair removal , treatment consists of warm cream wax
Half leg £12.00
Full leg £18.00
Lip £6.00
Chin £6.00

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